How will fabric prints be used in the metaverse?

How will fabric prints be used in the metaverse?

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The successor of the internet age, the next level of how we use technology- metaverse!

The metaverse can extend to social media, improved reality, video games, virtual games, non-fungible tokens, and digital fashion. This means that brands began to experiment is metaverse philosophy even before the term became known to all. As fashion becomes deeply rooted in the world of the metaverse and its main customer base Gen Z spends a great amount of time playing games, socializing, and shopping.

Fashion is seen as a way of creating an identity and expressing one’s self just like in real life, metaverse offers a brand new three-dimensional world experience. It is expected that clothes will gain massive popularity in the virtual world as well as in the physical world with the Metaverse becoming a part of the daily life of people. 

While the metaverse gains popularity and opens doors for opportunities for the fashion industry, NFT plays a major role in this transformation, making products in the digital world one of a kind. Apart from the digital presence of brands selling fashion items in the real world, companies that only sell clothes to be worn in the digital world are taking fashion to a whole different level. This way new and unique fabric prints can also be used in the digital world.

The move from physical to virtual has made massive progress. Today, the metaverse works as a very important marketing tool. Here is an example of how the metaverse works for the fabric and fashion industry. 

We have shrooms on the internet where potential customers can have a look at computer-generated pictures of different clothing styles and fabric prints that can rotate 360 degrees for full viewing. 

This move from physical to virtual has made substantial progress. Today, the metaverse has become a very important marketing tool.  That is the virtual universe, but it's only the simplest form of it. To say, we have the technology to lead the fashion industry much deeper into the metaverse. The salesperson is not talking about 8 sizes in 4 colors, but lots of sizes in 10,000,00 colors. 

This is how the process goes:

  • Costumer picks out the styles
  • The customer then goes to the computer to select the fabric, the print, the color, and details
  • The customer obtains a computer-generated series of images of themselves wearing each selected style
  • The customer places an order
  • The customer receives the order

The designers, stirred by the fantasy, fiction, and story of the game world, produce amazing and noteworthy prints, designs, clothes, and accessories for the digital environment that are different from real life.

The best part of digital fashion is that it helps you escape from the real world it's bigger than the reality that dares you to wear clothes that you can only fantasize about in the real world.

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