Innovation is at the core of our services. We collaborate with industry leaders and our clients to find solutions from design to supply chain challenges. We have built our process using the AGILE approach to be the leader at adapting to changes happening in the industry at large. Committed to excellence, we will continue to push theboundaries for our clients.

Unicolors was founded in Los Angeles in 2003 with a focus on becoming a leader in fabric design and production in Los Angeles by the two founders David Suh and Nader Pazirandeh. Their ability to connect and collaboratively share ideas form the foundation of their business. Today, Unicolors is one of the largest fabric design studios and among the fastest-growing international fabric production companies serving the United States fashion industry. But even with their success, Unicolors refuses to rest on its laurels and strives to shape the future by venturing into sustainable fabrics and digital fashion among other emerging trends.

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